Meet Quirky Rachel Bloom, Lead Of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Tyra Banks Chops Off Her Hair For Pixie CutDo you like the new look? The "America's Next Top Model" creator and judge debuted a new look Friday on her social networks.
Viral Video Crew Buys College Student's TextbooksPoor college students will be envious of this viral experiment. What would you say if someone offered to pay for all of your college textbooks for a semester.
Thousands Watching Aquarium Fish Play Street Fighter Streaming OnlineA 23 year old Canadian software developer created a video stream featuring two aquarium fish playing Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES.
14 Stars Of The CW Do The ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been soaking people all across the nation these past weeks. See your favorite CW stars take up the challenge!
Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet Make Cameo Appearances In 'Weird Al' Yankovic's 'Tacky' VideoIn case you missed it -- two personalities from shows you've seen on CW50 appeared in Yankovic's parody of Pharell's 'Happy'.
Infographic: Sam And Dean Winchester's 'Supernatural' DeathsRose Sicard, a talented designer and her husband teamed up to create this infographic illustrating every real and "pseudo" death Sam and Dean Winchester have suffered during the series "Supernatural".
Guys Make A Golf Trick Shot, Rube Goldberg Machine Video With GoPro CamerasAfter wiping the stupid grin off my face from this mildly impressive video I thought, how do three grown men have an entire day or more to set up, and record a successful and sophisticated thing like this.
Bell's Planet Series Of Beer Inspired By Classical Music, AstrologyBell's Brewery in Kalamazoo has created seven beers for the seven movements of Holst's composition. The 49-minute epic ranges from intense to peaceful relating to the specific planet's mythology.
Handsome Mug Shot Guy Is Hot Like Lincoln From 'The 100'The recent sensation of the handsome mug shot has some swooning and others a little miffed. Hey, wait a second. Doesn't that guy look like somebody familiar? Those high cheek bones, bald head, stubble and piercing eyes remind us of Lincoln from "The 100".
7 Awesomely Bad RobotsFor every Asimo climbing stairs, there's one falling on its face. Here's a roundup of my favorite robot fails.
Watch Penn Badgley Say 'I Am The Gossip Girl' At NYC Concert, Music Video For EasyDuring a recent show in NYC for his band called Mother, Penn Badgley said, "I am the Gossip Girl" onstage. Check out his latest music video for the song Easy.

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