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Devil May Care

Infographic: Sam And Dean Winchester’s ‘Supernatural’ Deaths

Rose Sicard, a talented designer and her husband teamed up to create this infographic illustrating every real and “pseudo” death Sam and Dean Winchester have suffered during the series “Supernatural”.


Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Guys Make A Golf Trick Shot, Rube Goldberg Machine Video With GoPro Cameras

After wiping the stupid grin off my face from this mildly impressive video I thought, how do three grown men have an entire day or more to set up, and record a successful and sophisticated thing like this.


(credit: Bell's Brewery)

Bell’s Planet Series Of Beer Inspired By Classical Music, Astrology

Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo has created seven beers for the seven movements of Holst’s composition. The 49-minute epic ranges from intense to peaceful relating to the specific planet’s mythology.


(credit: Katie Yu/The CW)

Handsome Mug Shot Guy Is Hot Like Lincoln From ‘The 100′

The recent sensation of the handsome mug shot has some swooning and others a little miffed. Hey, wait a second. Doesn’t that guy look like somebody familiar? Those high cheek bones, bald head, stubble and piercing eyes remind us of Lincoln from “The 100″.


(credit: istock.com)

7 Awesomely Bad Robots

For every Asimo climbing stairs, there’s one falling on its face. Here’s a roundup of my favorite robot fails.