5 Cool Weather-Related Gifts Great For The HolidaysFor all those friends and family members who are absolutely obsessed with the weather, CW50 Chief Forecaster suggests five cool weather-related gift ideas to consider for the holidays
Valentine's Day Deals That Will Still Make You Look GoodReady for romance but your budget isn’t showing you love?
Have An Easy Thanksgiving – How I Enhance My Turkey DayHappy Thanksgiving! It’s the day where elastic waistband pants are encouraged and the time of year where your mom breaks out her holiday themed crew neck sweatshirt.
Greatest Holiday Commercials CountdownTelevision personalities Kevin Frazier (“Entertainment Tonight”) and Keltie Knight (“The Insider”) host this holiday celebration with a countdown of the 12 best holiday commercials ever – one for each of the 12 days of Christmas.
Planes, Trains and AutomobilesNeal Page (Martin), a high-strung advertising executive, meets Del Griffith (Candy), an eternally optimistic, overly talkative, well-meaning, but clumsy shower curtain-ring salesman, who seems to live in a world governed by a different set of rules.
6 Gifts To Geek Out AboutAre you looking for a gift for the geek in your life? I'm a nerd and here are 5 things I want or already own and love. Get these gifts that any geek would love to unwrap.
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol & Kung Fu Panda Holiday
Which Big Bang star was in Christmas Vacation?
2014 Gift Guide: 7 Simple Stylish Stocking Stuffers For Her And HimStocking stuffers can be the hardest gifts to buy, especially when a loved one has their own unique personal style and taste.
Holiday Celebration Continues─ Based on the hit song that became a worldwide holiday phenomenon, this goofy and heartwarming adventure features young Jake Spankenheimer on the quest of a lifetime to track his missing Grandma down on Christmas Eve and prove that Santa Claus is indeed real.
1,317,303 Reasons To Celebrate Memorial DayMemorial Day honors all of those special men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The number 1,317,303 represents those individuals who gave their lives between the years 1775 and 2011.

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