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Women Can Tackle Too — Detroit Pride Women’s Football Team Kicks Off April, 25

Why can’t women officially play tackle football? You know what, as of now, they can!



Advertisement On NBA Jerseys?

Whether you like the sleeved jerseys or you’re not as a fan, it’s a great potential business move for the NBA.


(credit: CW50)

Street Beat: Earth Day, Rain And Weather

Karen Carter celebrates Earth Day by discussing conservation and ecological topics with area experts.


Wheelchair dance instructor Sergio Sanchez and Cheryl Angelelli

Former Competitive Swimmer Cheryl Angelelli Performs Wheelchair Dance In Michigan

There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in the flow of music and movement – or watching others who are doing the same.


Eric Lupher, President of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, discusses Proposal 1 with Street Beat host Amyre Makupson. (credit: Brandon Patton/CW50)

Street Beat: Proposal 1 And Transportation

On Saturday, April 11th, Street Beat host Amyre Makupson will look at Proposal 1 and various transportation issues. First, Eric Lupher, President of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, will explain Proposal 1.


Fight Crime: Invest in Kids' K.P. Pelleran and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon explain the importance of early childhood education to Street Beat Host Rob Stone. (credit: Brandon Patton/CW50)

Street Beat: Crime Prevention

Rob Stone will take a look at some of the ways we can prevent crime with area experts.


ER nurse and author Sally Pacholok stops by to discuss B-12 deficiency and how her battle with mainstream medicine has been turned into a new movie with Street Beat host Lisa Germani.  (credit: CW50)

Street Beat: Health Issues Facing Michigan Residents

Street Beat host Lisa Germani looks at health issues facing Michigan residents.


Street Beat

Street Beat: Caring For Others

Street Beat host Karen Carter meets individuals and organizations focused on caring for others.


CW50 Intern and Eastern Michigan University student Brandon Patton, Ebony Jones from Eastern Michigan University’s Advising & Career Development Center, Street Beat host Rob Stone (credit: Ken Bryant, Jr./CW50)

Street Beat: Employment Options

Rob Stone gets the scoop on employment options.