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Magician Jeff Hobson from the cast of The Illusionists. (photo credit:  Joan Marcus)

I Do Believe In Magic! Thank You, Jeff Hobson!

If you don’t believe in magic, you will. On April 28th, the world’s best-selling touring magic show will arrive at the Fisher Theatre.



Women Can Tackle Too — Detroit Pride Women’s Football Team Kicks Off April, 25

Why can’t women officially play tackle football? You know what, as of now, they can!



Advertisement On NBA Jerseys?

Whether you like the sleeved jerseys or you’re not as a fan, it’s a great potential business move for the NBA.


Wheelchair dance instructor Sergio Sanchez and Cheryl Angelelli

Former Competitive Swimmer Cheryl Angelelli Performs Wheelchair Dance In Michigan

There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in the flow of music and movement – or watching others who are doing the same.



College Students Drowning In Debt

When you get your college diploma, will you owe money like most college students?



Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Student athletes give so much of their time to their school, but some players receive scholarships while other players receive nothing. Is this fair?



Your Favorite 127 Beers Are Waiting To Be Displayed In This Awesome Wooden Michigan Bottle Cap Map

The idea is simple. Drink beer, put the cap in the map.


(credit: Raquel Parks)

4 Fragrances To Spruce Up Your Spring

A burst of fresh floral scents is the perfect way to bring spring alive during this awkward Michigan climate change. It is also the perfect finishing touch to any look. Luckily, there are a plenty […]


Credit: Shutterstock

Parent To Parent: Being A Good Role Model

As the parent of three, I now realize how important parenting skills are.