Street Beat: Hunger And Homelessness

This week on Street Beat, host Lisa Germani examines the issues facing the hungry and homeless in metro Detroit.

Melissa Smiley, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, and Lisa Germani (credit: Jordan Brown/CW50)

First Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is working to combat hunger and promote a healthy lifestyle with their Healthy Food Connect Initiative. Melissa Smiley, the Special Assistant and Strategy Officer for the Foundation, explains.

John Owens and Darryl Anderson with Forgotten Harvest (credit: Jordan Brown/CW50)

Then, John Owens, Director of Communications, and Darryl Anderson, the Agency Relations Manager for Forgotten Harvest, tell us how Forgotten Harvest is rescuing food and feeding the hungry.

South Oakland Shelter President and CEO Ryan Hertz (credit: Jordan Brown/CW50)

Then, South Oakland Shelter takes care of those without a safe place to sleep and works to end the homelessness of individuals and families. President and CEO Ryan Hertz shares the details.

Mariners Inn CEO David Sampson (credit: Jordan Brown/CW50)

Finally, Mariners Inn CEO David Sampson explains their fight to end homelessness is in the city of Detroit.


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