Jensen Ackles Cutout Creeps Out Neighbor

Tennessee high school student Kellie Burkhart wasn’t trying to scare her neighbors, but you can see why they were upset.

Burkhart put a life-size cutout of “Supernatural” actor Jensen Ackles in her bedroom window, but didn’t realize how it would look as a silhouette on the outside.

“I’m tired of being scared of whatever is in your kid’s creepy window,” said their neighbor in a Facebook chat with Burkhart’s dad.

“ok turns out my neighbor has a four year old kid who has a room that faces my window …” said Burkhart in a Tweet.

Ackles has yet to respond on Twitter. We hope he would because that would be sweet. Could this is the best viral marketing you’ve seen in a while?

The 13th season of “Supernatural” premieres Thursday. Tune in locally to CW50 at 7 p.m.

Speaking of spooky stuff. It’s about time to break out the KXVO Pumpkin Dance.

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