By @GeorgeJFox

Can a homemade robot replace humans for Christmas cookie decoration? Probably not, but that’s not the point.

The idea of a robot doing your cookie bidding is fantastic. Plus, if you’re a LEGO fanatic — actually building this contraption would be fun, but don’t expect it to actually be good at its job. I mean have you seen all the robot fail videos? This stuff aint easy.

The “As Seen On TV” style ad JK Brickworks posted on YouTube shows how the “EV Icer” will rescue you from the tedious and frustrating task of icing Christmas cookies.

But, where is the behind the scenes video? Those mishap cookies look suspiciously like the ones that the machine succeeded on. The video is hilarious. Subscribing to their channel is recommended.

Realize the irony of spending a day building a robot and several more days experimenting with icing consistency and cookie height to achieve something that could be done in about 30 minutes by a human.

Don’t get me wrong. I hope everyone who reads this gives it a try and posts a video online. Tweet me a link and taunt me with your building skills. Get the instructions here.

I’ll save you some time and show you how it will turn out.

3NRCVKc This Lego Robot Can Decorate All Of Your Christmas Cookies    What Could Go Wrong?


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