I must admit I laughed long and hard when MSU football loss to Nebraska Saturday night. Am I a Michigan fan? Yes, so when MSU losses most people understand my excitement given how they beat my wolverines a little over a month ago. But somewhere along the laughter, I developed a soft spot for all those beloved sparty fans out there. There is hope still, for you sparty fans…

In order for the team to get back into the playoff picture, they must win out to control their own destiny. Their remaining schedule is somewhat winnable assuming they can take care of business against Maryland. Losing seemed laughable two weeks ago, but this team did lose against Nebraska. If College football has taught you anything else, understand no team is ever “safe”.

MSU must crush their opponents and dominate each remaining game. Stop letting teams like Hoosiers and Rutgers hang around. If they really want to send a message, they must embarrass the defending Champs, Ohio State, in excruciating fashion. There would be no better way, to show the College football committee you’re for real.

Dwelling on the loss will accomplish nothing for this football team. Did they get screwed in the loss against Nebraska? Maybe. But the problem is letting too many bottom of the road conference teams hang around. Especially in a league where they were crowned as favorites along with OSU.

Now more than ever they must do the unthinkable, win out, dominate and get to Indy and play in the Big ten Title game. Or else they will be crowned the little brother that still isn’t ready to seat at the Big Boy table.

A’kiem Gardner is a Creative Services intern at CW50.


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