By @GeorgeJFox

A Montreal attorney and his daughter pulled off some amazing drone dentistry and the result is kind of amazing.

It’s passé to use the good old-fashioned door slam method. Hey, it’s 2015 for gosh sake.

As seen in a YouTube video, the DJI Phantom RC aircraft was tied to a tooth with a length of floss. After a few tense moments the drone zooms away piloted by dad and out pops the tooth. The reactions range from relief to maniacal laughter.

The girl finds the tooth a few feet in front of her so the Tooth Fairy better be ready to cough up whatever an incisor is going for these days. What … a dollar?

I have to admit — I was waiting for something to go wrong. What if the floss gets sucked into the rotors? What if the quad flies off with the tooth never to be recovered? What if the tooth pulls the drone down and it crashes? What if the tooth doesn’t come out and it pulls her around the yard screaming? The possibilities of this ending poorly are numerous, but they beat the odds.


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