21 Funny Michigan Beer Names From The 2015 Summer Beer Festival In Ypsilanti

By George Fox

How many types of beer are there? Go ahead … take a guess. Millions probably right? There are actually only two main types of beer, Ales and Lagers (Lambics don’t count so buzz off). I learned that on a Samuel Adams brewery tour in Boston.

Within those two main types there are unlimited possibilities. That makes for vast opportunity to get “creative” with beer variety names. I was looking over the list of beers at a local festival and I chuckled more than I’d like to admit. My co-workers were rolling their eyes probably around the seventh or eighth time I read a name.

Here’s a few of my favorite funny Michigan beer names featured at the Michigan Brewer’s Guild’s 2015 Summer Beer Festival set for Friday and Saturday July 24 and 25 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

He-man reference is always a winner. ↓

By the Sour of Grayskull – Berliner Weisse (Our Brewing Company)

Got em! ↓

Deez Nutz – Brown Ale (Beards Brewery)

I’m sorry Charlie Murphy. 

Rick James Beach – Mango Habanero Weizenbock (Black Lotus Brewery)

Explicit beer 

2 Grand Cru – Belgian Strong Pale (Block Brewing Company)

Angsty … I’m interested. ↓

Hipster Buzz Words SMASH – SMASH Ale brewed with HHF hops (FERMENTA Collab.) (Boatyard Brewing Co.)

I’m on-board with anything jaunty. ↓

Jaunty Woodsman IPA – Cask (Chelsea Alehouse Brewery)

Just my kind of weird. ↓

Burgundy Shirt – Bourbon Barrel Aged Wheat Wine on Cherries (Cranker’s Brewery)

Like Band-aids and Old Spice? (Edit: Reddit user PanicRev tipped me off that this is a marijuana reference)

Smells Like A Safety Meeting IPA (Dark Horse Brewing Co.)

Two-fer! Punch like fruit or punch like fist? ↓

Falcon Punch – White IPA
Harry Raspberry Stylez – Rad-berry Wit (both Detroit Beer Co.)

Cheeky! ↓

Three-Peckered Goat – Dopplebock (MIP Brewery)

Hey! I love “Arrow”. I’m pretty sure this is an Oliver Queen reference. ↓

For 5 Years I was Stranded on an Island with Only One Goal – Survive.  – Imperial IPA w/ tropical fruit (Eternity Brewing)

I’ll pass. ↓

Uranus On Fire – American Amber infused with roasted jalapeño peppers (Final Gravity Brewing Co.)

Oh, I get it. Nugget like a nugget of hopps.  ↓

Ted Nugget IPA (Frankenmuth Brewery)

Dark beer and … because “Space Balls”.  ↓

May The Schwarzbier With You (Great Baraboo Brewing Co.)

He he he.  ↓

Bean Flicker – Coffee Blonde (Odd Side Ales)

Because jean shorts are inherently funny like the short sleeved dress shirt.  ↓

Jorts in the Garden – Session IPA (Short’s Brewing Co.)

Stay classy.  ↓

Scotchy Scotch Ale (Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale)

But isn’t it pronounced GO-seh?  ↓

Gose Like Swayze – Gose (Territorial Brewing Co.)

Harwell reference warning … beer better be good.  ↓

Voice Of The Turtle – IPL w/ all Michigan Hops and Malt (Witch’s Hat Brewing Co.)

Can I share one of these with T-baby?  ↓

It’s So Kölsch In The D (Woodward Avenue Brewers (a.k.a. “The WAB”))

By the way … If you’re ever in Boston — I highly recommend it the free brewery tour. Which I took twice in four years.

George Fox is a Spartan, a Michigander, and Web Producer for CBS 62/CW50 in Detroit. When he’s not working on content for the CBS Local websites, he’s probably hanging out on the boat, at deer camp or spending quality time with the fam.


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