‘Uncle Of The Year’ Kid’s Minds Blown By Swingset Dunk

By George Fox

I love my kids and try to be an awesome dad, because I know how important it is, but being a parent is hard. Being an uncle without kids of your own is kind of awesome. I remember those days. To muster the amount of creativity and energy as shown in the YouTube video “Uncle of the year pulls off high-flying dunk” as a parent of a couple young kids would be impressive.

It’s an example of harnessing what I’ll call “Uncle Energy”. This guy executes possibly one of the most entertaining few seconds of spontaneous fun I’ve ever seen. And it clearly made his sibling’s kids’ day.

There are so many great elements here, slow motion, adult acting like a kid, completely owning a swingset and toddler basketball set for the forces of fun, meme reference (boom goes the dynamite), a feat of strength (handstand) and a jaunty robot dance.

Not only did he blow the minds of these children — he’s gained some small amount of Internet fame. Well done sir.

This reminds me of how great it is to be looked up to like a superhero by your young kids. I might not ever reach this level of amazing, but take every opportunity to try.


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