Good Dads Deserve A ‘Thank You’ Every Day – Not Just On Father’s Day

By: Brandon Patton

It took me a long time to think of the perfect way in my mind to start this off. How can you explain your appreciation for your father as a young man in only so many words? I simply couldn’t find a quote that I thought was good enough. Searching and searching, nothing seemed to be impressive enough for me to use. Maybe no quote is necessary. How about just saying thank you? Thank you for always putting your children first, even when it meant sacrificing your last. Thank you for providing a roof over our heads and going to work each and every day never making excuses, even when you were in obvious pain.

A good father just always finds a way to be there, giving you the encouragement you need even when you can’t seem to find it within yourself. A good father always leads by example, teaching you how to give a firm handshake and how to tie a tie for a special occasion. Sadly, all good fathers ever receive on their special occasions seems to be just that, another tie.

So many young men are forced to grow up with no father figure and that is why I don’t take mine for granted. My father is charismatic, determined, and extremely intelligent. He’s a provider, honest, and always dependable.  I try to tell him as often as possible just how much I appreciate our talks and the laughs we share. I’m thankful for the driving lessons, being taught how to dribble and shoot a basketball, and how to tackle in football. I know the importance of looking people in the eye when holding a conversation, opening doors for a lady, listening to my elders during conversations and understanding that they know more than I do, so I should pay attention!

So Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. Being a father is a job that requires toughness and patience with very little recognition the way they deserve. So everyone be sure to say thank you, even on days other than June 21st!

Happy Father’s Day, dad, I love you and I appreciate all that you have done for me as a man.

I am a CBS 62/CW 50 Community Affairs Intern. I am a huge sports fan and of course you have to love your hometown teams! I currently attend Eastern Michigan University, I love dogs and my family.


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