Nailing a big trick and the perfect photo at the same time is not only impressive — it’s dang near impossible.

Red Bull sent BMX pro Tyler Fernengel to the Pontiac Silverdome to have some fun with the abandoned sports arena. Detroit photographer Joe Gall shot stills along the way illustrating a new energy meeting the reverence and history of the imposing ruins.

Joe Gall goes by Camera Jesus on his social networks. He has built an impressive audience for his captivating photography of Detroit and the world. Gall isn’t a stranger to Detroit Proud where his work has been featured in the past.

(credit: Joe Gall/Red Bull)

(credit: Joe Gall/Red Bull)

(credit: Joe Gall/Red Bull)

(credit: Joe Gall/Red Bull)

(credit: Joe Gall/Red Bull)

(credit: Joe Gall/Red Bull)

The BMX pro featured in the photos and video is Tyler Fernegel, a native of Wyandotte, Michigan. He raced Supercross at the Silverdome when he was 10 years old. At 19 he hadn’t seen the stadium since.

“Just being out on the field, it was crazy to think that there once was a motorcycle track here, every year, and all the fans, but now it’s nowhere near the same.”

Read more on Fernegel’s ride.

Follow Gall on his social media accounts for more of his artistic look into Detroit’s prominent landmarks and latest events.


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