This Spider In The Ear Video Will Make You Question Everything


Warning. If you’re sensitive to spiders, ear infections or vertical videos — this will be disturbing. Thankfully, you can rest assured that the bug is not real.

Your first clue should be that the video was uploaded to a visual effects YouTube channel, but it’s human nature to be carried away by an incredibly frightening image.

BranitFX and Lucamax Pictures pranked the world with a legitimately infected ear and a CGI spider.

They had fun with their subscribers for a while. A comment confirming the hoax didn’t go up until after the weekend. Here’s the blog they posted showing how they pulled off the fraud.

The video fooled just about everybody and a bunch of websites wrote articles including The Daily MailBroBible and Huffington Post.

If visual effects houses outside of George Lucas and James Cameron level can make creatures look this realistic, we’re going to have to keep our skeptics’ hats on 24/7.


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