Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 5/11

Motor City music is a vehicle that you can speed up when you need to and slow it down when you want cruise. This week’s playlist does just that! We’re kicking off with the fast and furious bands Wilson and The Suicide Machines…then cruising with electronic producer Kevin Saunderson. Enjoy this week’s playlist!




Detroit’s favorite rockin’ party animals are set to release a new Right to Rise album June 30th. Preview the first single, “Hang with the Devil,” below! Want more Wilson? Click HERE to check out Wilson’s website and download “Hang with the Devil” for FREE!

(Click link to read past Detroit Proud feature on Wilson)

1)  “Hang with the Devil”
2) “Better Off (Strictly Doods)
3) “Highway to Hell (cover) 

The Suicide Machines 



Digging deep into the classics, Detroit Proud cranked up 1996’s Punk/Ska/Hardcore album “Destruction by Definition” by The Suicide Machines. The opening tracks on the band’s first full-length album are the highlight, hands down. Warning: there’s a good chance you’ll want to lace up your old puffy-tongued Vans and hit the streets…

4)  “New Girl”
5) “S.O.S.”
6) “Break the Glass”
7) “No Face”

Kevin Saunderson 



Hailing from Bellevue High School and Eastern Michigan University, Kevin Sanderson is a native of the area and grew up to be one of the pillars of establishing Detroit Techno. Creating this new genre and influencing generations of electronic artists and producers wasn’t enough though – Kevin is still producing and performing! Check out some of his newer tracks below…

8) “Big Fun”
9) “Womp It”
10) “Pennies From Heaven – The Night Mix”


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