‘The 100’ Finale Recap And What It Means For Season 3

By George Fox

***Warning Spoilers*** Watch the latest full episodes of “The 100″ here.

You know how they say, “careful what you wish for”? That’s how a lot of viewers probably felt after the season finale of “The 100”.

Blood Must Have Blood part 2 brought the conclusion of the desperate conflict between Mount Weather and Clarke’s rescue mission.

Also, Jaha and Murphy come ashore and explore where the drones led them. “The promised land sucks,” said Murphy as he collapses and refuses to follow Jaha as he continues his goose chase. Murphy discovers a beautifully decorated and fully stocked hidden bunker of sorts. The song “Werewolves of London” is blaring, but nobody is home.

Cage and his minions are brutally extracting marrow from Clarke’s people. Raven goes on the operating table and Wick cries out to take him instead. Ravick shippers are bawling.

Clarke Is Going HAM

The small group of Bellamy, Monte and Clarke who found their way into the mountain to get their people make an attempt to resolve the situation diplomatically with Cage, but it doesn’t go well.

Using a radio Clarke demands release of her people or she’ll kill Cage’s father Dante. No dice. She shoots him with only a moment of hesitation. NOTE: You don’t see Dante die. Did he get treatment? I can’t remember.

She threatens to irradiate the 5th floor which would effectively kill dozens of mountain men, women and children. Cage raises the wager by putting Clarke’s mom Abby on the operating table to remove her marrow.

Jasper is trying to get close enough to Cage to assassinate him, but it’s not working.

William Shatner Tweeted a reality of their predicament and how there seemed to be no good options.

I didn’t think they would do it, but “The 100” is known for going where you think it wont. Clarke and Bellamy irradiate the floor and my jaw drops.

There’s collateral damage as Jasper’s flame Maya is also killed. You’d think Jasper would hold this against his rescuers for some time. We’ll see if he’s able to reconcile in season 3.

Justice For Lincoln

Cage, with his radiation treatment walks outside the mountain and it’s painfully apparent how vulnerable he is. Most of his friends are dead and the world is full of threats.

Lincoln materializes like a ghost rushing out of the fog at Cage, but he has a secret weapon. He pulls out the tone generator and Lincoln collapses at the sound. He somehow overpowers the control of the sound and slices off Cage’s hand. He gives Cage a dose of the red Cerberus mind control juice and drops a line of poetic justice.

“The first dose is the worst”. It’s the same thing Cage said when he watched Lincoln writhing in pain as he was inducted in Cerberus.

Artificial Intelligence

The drone leads Jaha to a pristine mansion. Who is doing all that dusting? Future Roombas?

A hologram who creepily already knows Jaha reveals how she recovered the nuclear warhead that he rode down to earth with. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg introduced the creepy AI entity (A.L.I.E).

Earlier, Murphy is watching a video in the bunker where a man is raving about how he couldn’t stop her. Guessing he’s talking about A.L.I.E. She must have caused the nuclear holocaust in the first place. Theory …. A.L.I.E. is programmed to protect the earth and eradicating humans might be a twisted way to do that.

Clarke Leaves

Clarke wins the war, but leaves the camp. Not sure if she just can’t face what she did or if she’s seeking out answers from Lexa. I’m sure she’s headed for the Grounder camp.

George Fox is a Spartan, a Michigander, and Web Producer for CBS 62/CW50 in Detroit. When he’s not working on content for the CBS Local websites, he’s probably hanging out on the boat, at deer camp or spending quality time with the fam. Follow George on Twitter @GeorgeJFox.

Stay tuned for season 3 coming to CW50 this Fall.

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