By Carissa Hutchinson

The CW’s newest summer comedy went off with a bang with Ryan (Noah Reid, “Titanic”) and Brandon’s (Dillon Casey, “Nikita”) start to their epic backpacking journey.

But it didn’t start with the two of them, the plot started in the States with Ryan and Beth who are soon to be married. While eating at a restaurant Beth notices an older couple sitting across from them that looked miserable. She turns to Ryan and says “I don’t want to end up like them.” She explains to Ryan that they’ve been together since freshmen year of college and that before marriage they should have some more adventures in their lives to make sure they are perfect for each other. So she suggests they should do their own separate backpacking trips through Europe.

Ryan was not too thrilled about the idea but he gave in and soon after, he and Brandon started their journey off in France. After some partying and meeting other backpackers Ryan feels that this trip was a bad idea and begs Brandon to go to Italy, where Beth decided to start her trip at. When Brandon finishes his night of partying they hop on a train to Italy where they meet some shady characters and may have walked in on a murder. After seeing this possible murder they hop off the train in fear for their lives and then start walking to Italy. Luckily for them two girls picked them up and drove them the rest of the way. But once they arrive Beth had already left for her next destination.

So now the journey continues in search for Beth. Let’s just hope that Ryan and Brandon don’t run into those possible murderers again!

Carissa is a recent graduate from Ferris State University and will be attending Central Michigan University this fall to get her Masters of Arts in Electronic Media Studies. Take a look at Carissa’s work at  


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