So, Detroit music fans, this week we have something special in the works for you. Have you ever heard of the Detroit Techno Militia? They’re a record label and street level DJ/Producer collective that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of true Detroit electronic music and its production around the world…

…A group of DJs and producers working together to maintain the significance of techno made in their native city – Detroit.

After all, we are widely considered the birthplace of techno music. The DTM have over 10 years under their belt, and they’ve been recognized numerous times by the Detroit Music Awards as Best Electronic Group (along with many other prestigious awards at the DMAs).

As Angie Linder, the founder and label manager of the DTM, eloquently put, “Similar to the restoration of historic architecture; we are not tearing down and building anew. Rather using the existing structure as a basis for our own endeavors. Detroit has always had much to offer musically, and it is our mission to make it known to the rest of the world for generations to come.”

We absolutely adore any musician that represents Detroit this strongly, so obviously, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the DTM soldiers and dedicate this playlist to them…check them out below! And for more information on the Detroit Techno Militia and its DJ/Producers, check out their website here!

…Hear all the tracks below here!

Annix – “Complex”

Annix turned to hip/hop and techno after feeling disenchanted with the complacency of the punk music scene in the late ‘90s. He’s inspired by everything from the sounds of Crass records all the way to the ethics of the Underground Resistance. He’s quickly making a name for himself around town.

Darkcube – “Fogbank”

Darkcube not only has quite the reputation here in Detroit for his darkside jungle sets (as well as his ability to dynamically span a broad spectrum of techno and electro), he also has made a name for himself in the San Francisco Bay area – playing in the underground techno scene in both cities.

DJ Seoul – “Electrified Planet”

DJ Seoul is one of America’s leading ambassadors of Detroit Techno and Techno Bass, having been out sharing his passion for Detroit techno with the world for the past 15 years. He was raised on the East side of Detroit, where he began his musical career at a young age through various counterculture sounds and movements.

Doc – “Complex”

Doc is known around town for his spectacular live performances that are utterly filled with noise, nonsense, emotion, and energy. He blends traditional and experimental, serving bleeps, bips, and half-naked rhythm structures over a glitch-y orchestra of electronic melodies.

Neil V. – “Bryin & Ronin”

Neil V. was born in Detroit and he represents all that is Detroit. He has recently emerged as one of the top up-and-coming talents from Detroit, and he’s already shared the stage with many big-name producers and DJs in the industry. He plays everything from hard techno to Detroit techno and from tech-house to electro and deep house.

T. Linder – “War at 313.3”

T. Linder has over 15 years of experience under his name, and he certainly has a lot to show for it. He cites old-school Detroit street jocks: The Wizard (aka. JeffMills), Gary Chandler, and Steve “DJ Energy” Crawford – among others – as major inspirations for his unorthodox aesthetic. He says, “I am a vinyl DJ first and foremost, so I’ll probably play records until my favorite labels stop pressing them.”

DJ Psycho – “Will I Dream”

One of the DTM’s most notorious DJs, DJ Psycho has spent the last 25 years representing the streets of Detroit through his music. He’s constantly recognized for his talents, and this year he even nabbed the Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Hip-Hop DJ. Not too shabby.

Loner.9 – “Step and Fetch”

Loner.9 cites Rob Hood, Jeff Mills, Drexcyia, Art Of Noise, Prince, James Brown, and Miles Davis as his biggest inspirations when it comes to making music. He has established a reputation as a performer that maintains the best elements of a DJ set: unpredictability, improvisation, and adjusting to the needs of the dance floor.

The Mercenary – “Bagneera”

The Mercenary was born and raised in Detroit, and beginning at a very young age, he was influenced by the social and artistic movements around the city. Taking matters into his own hands, he began to collect records and started DJing around town in 1996. His sets range from classic techno to industrial.

What’s playing in your headphones this week? Tell us in the comments.


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