The CW50 Street team headed to the 32nd annual Lighthouse Hunger Walk held at Oakland Community College this year to see what steps people were taking to stomp out hunger.

Families and friends gathered to participate in a 5k walk around the campus. Chief Development Officer Priscilla Perkins explains, “Today we’re gathered on this wonderful day. It’s not warm on the outside, but [it’s] warm hearts doing great deeds for a great cause” capturing the inspirational atmosphere of the whole event.

“The Lighthouse helped my family… so I promised I would always be a good advocate to them,” explains Tara Michner who participated with her family in the 5k walk.

Sponsors and walkers from all over the community donated canned goods and other non-perishables that will help to feed over 800 families monthly. Priscilla told us, “It takes a community to keep a community strong,” which only shows how all the participants in this 2014 Lighthouse Hunger Walk helped to put their best foot forward to halt hunger in their community.

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