This friar minstrel is working hard to spread some warmth to Detroiters.

Brother Al lives and works at the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace in Berkley, Michigan. Bro Al for short, he drives his Dodge Sprinter “Care’avan” to the Rosa Parks bus terminal weekday mornings and hands out hot beverages, snacks, hand and toe warmers, gloves, hats and socks to those in need.

“This is a place where many people who may be homeless, may be poor, may be in need — sometimes gather to get out of the elements,” he said.

Why does Bro Al do it? He believes that it simply has to be done — why not him. “We are a community of faith and believe that it is at the heart of our belief system,” he explained.

He’s always in need of donations. “We have been in need of purchasing such things as gloves, hand warmers, toe warmers and hats,” said Bro Al. His van is currently in need of a new transmission.

Learn more about Bro Al, his organization and how you can help at


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