It’s easy to bash Detroit. It seems everyone is doing it these days. Many people would rather sit around and complain than get up and do something about it.

But not Salvatore Aiello.  Inspired by the love of his hometown,  Sal has become a crusader for Detroit by changing the perception of the city with his “Don’t Be Afraid of Detroit” clothing line.

“It’s a campaign to highlight the positive things and the positive people and all the great things going on in Detroit” says Sal. “Everywhere our t-shirts go, conversation follows.”

It all started when Sal wrote a song called “Don’t Be Afraid of Detroit” and then came up with a t-shirt company as an idea to spread his message. Since then Sal has seen his message spread all over the city and even in other countries. People are sending him pictures of them wearing his t-shirts reaching as far as Germany.

Sal has also donated clothing to one local charity that’s very close to his heart, Heart 2 Hart Detroit. The Founder, Larry Oleinick, explains his group provides people “with food, clothing, toiletries and helpful information. We service about 65 individuals a day.”

Be sure to check out Sal and Larry’s interview above with Street Beat host Rob Stone from 99.5 WYCD.

For more information on Heart 2 Hart Detroit click here

For more information on Don’t Be Afraid of Detroit click here

Don’t miss Sal performing the song “Don’t Be Afraid of Detroit” with Aaron Warmouth right here:

Watch Street Beat every Saturday at 8:30am on CW50


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