Judge Mathis – Week of 2/24

The following cases will be featured on “Judge Mathis” for the week of February 24, 2014.

Monday – Man denies that he is the biological father of the Defendant’s 15-year-old daughter. The Defendant insists the Plaintiff is the father – so he petitioned the court for a paternity test to find out the truth!

Tuesday – Woman says the Defendant is a negligent mother who had three cases of child endangerment against her because she allows drug use in her home!

Wednesday – Caught on tape? Man claims his cousin videotaped him and his girlfriend play-fighting and posted it online, and now people think he beats women.

Thursday – Man says his former neighbor vandalized his car when he was drunk. The Defendant insists it was a set-up and believes the Plaintiff is trying to cover up the fact that he hit him with his car!

Friday – Turning tricks! Woman says her former friend, the Defendant, is a known prostitute and escort who allowed a trick to come in to her home while the Defendant was babysitting her son.

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