By Carissa Hutchinson

Are you a filmmaker or just love independent films? Then you’ll want to check this out. Created by Mike Madigan of Five Clover Films, Detroit Video Discovery (D.V.D) is a chance for local filmmakers to come together and show off their film making skills. Filmmakers are free to do whatever they please; the only requirement is that it must be a found footage film. What is the found footage genre? Found footage is a film in which all or most of a film is presented as discovered film or video recordings, often left behind by missing or dead characters. Examples of these films would be the “Blair Witch Project” and “Cloverfield.” This year six Detroit-area filmmaker groups participated in D.V.D. The night was filled with sci-fi, horror, action and dramatic found footage short films.

The night open with Time Trip Films and their film “Broadcast From Voyager Prime”. This was a sci-fi found footage film taking place on a spaceship. Everyone is in hibernation waiting to arrive to their new home planet. But one man wakes up and has to goes through the entire trip alone.

“Single White Vlogger” was the film of Toad N’ Ducky Productions. This film was about a lonely vlogger who only wanted to meet his favorite vlogger of all time Looks Xfinity. But when Looks Xfinity sets up a time to meet his biggest fan and then doesn’t show up things go sour for him.

Control Alt Delete presented their take on film noir with their film “Kill Patrick.” Taking place at a local Detroit motel this film was filled with scandal, betrayal and revenge. “Madness” was created by Mooshka Productions and was about three friends walking back to their car after a Detroit sporting event. But on their way back some unfortunate events happen.

“Lapsed” created by The Anatomy War was about the lapse in time of an artistic couple. During the film the audience experienced their love and hardships. Five Clover Films and Tri Omega Productions had two films screening that night which were “48413” and “48169.” Both films are part of a trilogy which is about ghost hunter Melody Warner and her haunting crew.

At the end of the night there was a Q&A for the producers of the films. Many good questions were asked but I thought the best part of the night was seeing all the talented Detroit filmmakers’ films. For information about future D.V.D events go to or check out their Facebook page Detroit Video Discovery DVD.

Carissa Hutchinson is a senior at Ferris State University studying television and digital media production. She’s currently on two internships with CBS 62/CW50 Detroit and M-1 Studios in Ferndale. While attending college she was a very active member of Delta Zeta and the Media Communications Association. Take a look at Carissa’s work at


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