The Detroit Proud Playlist is back again – this week we’re dropping a few new names to the scene. What a better way to celebrate Detroit (and keep yourself on the up-and-up with what’s hot) than to jam away to a set list of the best of the best our city has to offer?

Make sure you take note, and don’t miss out on any of the upcoming shows!

TART – “Cause A Scene”


A new, up and coming act that includes member of The Hounds Below, Adam Michael Lee Padden, TART is a rock band that fits their name quite well. With sharp, biting guitar and bone-chilling vocals, they’re on top of their game. Hear the song “Cause A Scene” here!

Citizen Smile – “Go Ahead And Blow Up”

Citizen Smile


Citizen Smile embodies the indie-pop-rock craze that demands the attention of the millennial generation. They captivate you with harmonizing vocals, catchy lyrics and atmospheric guitar melodies. They’re an easy listen, but they’re not afraid to shake you up either. Hear more from them here!

The Ill Itches – “Michigan Ave Meltdown”

The Ill Itches


The Ill Itches have graced our weekly playlist before, yet we keep coming back to them. Why, you ask? Because they glorify all that is Detroit garage-punk-rock. They play a sound that most Detroiters can identify with, so check them out here!

Voyag3r – “Victory In The Battle Chamber”



Voyag3r is a progressive space-rock band that takes inspiration from a sci-fi movie soundtrack. Think epic. They’re moody, atmospheric, dynamic and adventurous. With compelling synths and bumping bass, they surely captivate the mystery and exploration of space expedition, and who doesn’t love that?! Check them out here!

TRAITS – “Dead Air”



Debuting their full-length album in January of 2014, TRAITS have already set the Detroit music scene on fire. An indie-rock band, they entrance you with powerfully echoed lyrics, dancing guitars, all surrounded by a pretty ambiance – they’re definitely full of their own character. Check more from them here!

The He Bops –  “Golden Empire”

The He Bops


Inspired by The Pixies, The Stooges, and The Clash, The He Bops play that traditional classic rock. They capture the spirit of rock and roll, but put a swankier spin on it. It’s a bit Brit-rock, a bit hard rock. Check them out here!

The Oscillating Fan Club – “Hide And Seek”

The Oscillating Fan Club


Another repeat offender, The Oscillating Fan Club is a Detroit must-know. With three albums released to date, they play a kind of psychedelic-surf-rock. There has yet to be a song that wasn’t immediately catchy. Take a listen here!

Pewter Club – “If You Can Hold Your Breath”

Pewter Club


Pewter Club is hard to pin to one single category of music, and that’s part of what makes them so great. Uniquely their own, yet not too eccentric, Pewter Club blends together a mix of shoegaze-psychedelica with a ambient trance like vibe, but brightens it with poppy lyrics and vocals. Check them out here!

The High Strung – “Childhood”

The High Strung


We just can’t get enough of The High Strung. They keep us coming back for more, with each melodic and harmonizing song. Their indie-rock is played in a variety of ways, some folk-inspired, some traditional rock, some pop-rock. Hear the song “Childhood” here!

The HandGrenades – “Impossible”

The HandGrenades


The HandGrenades are famously known for their catchy-pop lyrics and beautiful, full harmonies. They’re like a summer day, driving-with-your-windows-down music – fun and easy listening. Check out more from them here!

Got a fave we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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