“America’s Next Top Model” host Tyra Banks explains RAOM, random acts of modeling.

Tyra will frequently post photos of herself on social networks in fierce poses doing things like using power tools, playing pool or standing in a batter’s stance.

She describes it as doing something mundane, but as if you were getting photographed for a high-fashion shoot.

The drama was turned to 11 when Tyra picked up the phone and screamed. “I hate you. I hate YOUUUU … ugly-pretty.”

Tyra — you crazy, but we love you. Especially when you make up new words and are so kind as to break down the meaning. “Booty Tooch” and “Smize” come to mind.

Tyra Banks Gives ‘Booty Tooch’ Lesson On America’s Next Top Model
Tyra Banks’ New App Teaches The World To ‘Smize’

Check out cycle 20 model Jeremy Rohmer’s RAOM. He posted a photo on his Instagram account with this caption, “Gotta always be camera ready…Even if its at work. Random Acts Of Modeling. #RAOM …”

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