By: Wisam Daifi

Comic book heroes aren’t all like Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker.

African American kids and young adults will see comic book characters that look like them during the “Motor City Black of Age Comics” (MCBAC) convention at Youthville Detroit on Friday Sept. 27 and Saturday Sept. 28.

MCBAC is an event that promotes literacy and art through comic books, graphic novels, animation and more. Attendees will find comic books that you may not find at a comic book store.

The annual event is a gathering for independent black creators and fans to meet and learn from each other. It features a collection of comic book Artists, Writers, Publishers Animators and retailers who create and sell material that caters to black readers of all ages. In addition to selling their work, they will offer free art workshops, screen writing workshops and animation previews and also take part in panel discussions and self-publishing workshops for aspiring artist and creators.

Andre Batts,  the founder of Urban Style Comics and creator of “Dreadlocks,” “Jihad A.D.” and more, will also be in attendance along with other artists such as Abdul Rashid, popular cover illustrator on Marvel’s “New-Gen,” and Eidolon Studios’ “Underlords”, and Urban Style’s “Jihad A.D.” People can also expect to see Lloyd Cheatham Jr who is a talented artist in coloring and penciling and Art Director, Writer, Graphic Designer, Jason Reeves, who is an up and coming Pop-Artist carrying over his action-adventure, super-hero influenced style to take on the comic industry.

Convention Info Synopsis:

  • EVENT: Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention
  • DATE:  September 27th -28th
  • LOCATION:  Youthville Detroit

To learn more about the MCBAC click on the video below.

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Check out Andre’s other Web Exclusive about the his own creations HERE

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