Don’t have Twitter? Don’t follow all the CW stars? That’s okay!

We’re combing through the noise to find the most interesting stuff from all of them and serving them up here every Friday.

“Arrow” actress Kelly Hu (China White) shares a photo in motion capture gear. It’s just one dimension of show business that can’t help but look silly.

“Whose Line” star Colin Mochrie says iPhone 5, iPhone schmive.

“Oh Sit” co-host Jamie Kennedy celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day.

“Arrow” fans heads may explode from this tease via Stephen Amell.

ANTM’s Tyra Banks takes on the world’s most recognizable models including Kate Upton in a new series with photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth.

Tossup between “Part Of Your World” and “Circle of Life.”

Slinky dresses are not friendly to wireless microphone transmitters as Breaking Pointe cast member Beckanne Sisk illustrates in this pic.

“Beauty and the Beast” actor Brian White (Joe) claims Dez Bryant is going to outscore Calvin Johnson. We’ll see about that. Plus, I’m pretty sure Megatron would toast Godzilla.

It’s like looking in the beer cooler at 7-Eleven. Six packs aplenty.

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