Spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen had a lot of outside help writing her newest book, “Awaken the Spirit Within.”

“My source has always been from the other side,” said Rosen.  “I call it Team Spirit.  It’s made up of dead loved ones, spirit guides, angels, guardian angels, higher beings, ascended masters.  Over the years they’ve consistently channeled very similar messages.  When I hear it over and over again, it’s truth.”

Before writing a word Rosen mediated and prayed.  “I asked my guides and God ‘What do you want this book to be about?’”  Within 48 hours, she had her answer.  The idea behind “Awaken the Spirit Within” is something she’s been told through readings throughout her career.

“People are going through life sleepwalking.  So many of us are just trying to keep up with the all daily responsibilities and constant demands on our time or energy, we’re depleted,” said Rosen.  “What have heard over the years from spirits is ‘Wake up. Be present.  Don’t sleepwalk through your life,’”

Rosen’s book provides ten steps that will help you do that.  It shows you how to “ignite your life and fulfill your divine purpose.”  For Rosen, that purpose is very clear.

“I believe our ultimate goal in life is to be of service to other people.  It’s all about giving out the love and light within you and to receive it.  It’s finding what the passions are and finding the way to use it.”

“As I was writing this book, it was waking me up,” said Rosen.  “This book was written just as much for me as anyone else who would one day read it. I had to go through this and experience it first hand before I was then qualified and could help other people wake up.”

Rosen’s “wake-up call” included some major life-style changes and also an upcoming career change.

“I love to teach,” said Rosen.  “I’m starting next year in 2014 to unroll a whole series of workshops, lectures, and retreats to help people (become more intuitive).  I’m going to start doing more group work and not just focus on the private readings.”

Rosen actually began her career as a spiritual medium in 2000 in a West Bloomfield coffee shop.  When she got on the cover of the Jewish News, her business took off.  Detroit is still her biggest client base.

Rosen returns to the Detroit area on Monday and Tuesday for a presentation at The Berman Center for the Performing Arts, 6600 West Maple in West Bloomfield.  The show begins at 7:30 p.m. each night and includes a talk about her book, a guided mediation, and an hour of audience readings.  For more information, visit RebeccaRosen.com

(Courtesy: Harmony Books)

(Courtesy: Harmony Books)


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