Check out what lifelong dream Stephen Amell got to fulfill while filming “Arrow.”

Amell was in Gastown, Vancouver recently for a massive parkour scene. Gastown is near where he lived during the filming of season one.

The complete sequence involved very cool things like speaking into an earpiece to someone in a command center, leaping across rooftops, jumping down several levels of fire escape railings, jumping from a truck roof to a truck bed, a con-vault (whatever that is) and that’s when it got tricky.

The scene called for Amell to defy the laws of physics. “… they wanted me to shoot myself through the open window of a cab,” said Amell. He then suggested something more simple and realistic … the hood slide. Who doesn’t have the dream to slide across the hood of a car … let alone do it on a TV show.

Who else wants to know the places he, “would frequent.”

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Arrow” Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m.


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