Street Beat: Babies and Safe Sleep

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This week on Street Beat, it’s an overview of infant care as host Jill Washburn talks to experts about the first few months of parenthood.

First, Dr. Victoria Dooley of St. John Health System gives parents tips on what to expect when they bring baby home from the hospital.



Street Beat: Tips For New ParentsStreet Beat: Tips For New Parents

Then, Jeff Spitzley, the Manager of the Infant Health Unit at the Michigan Department of Community Health, talks about the importance of safe sleep for infants.

Street Beat: Infant Safe SleepStreet Beat: Infant Safe Sleep

Next Sarah Scranton, the Chief Executive of Tomorrow’s Child, continues the discussion on safe sleep and how this organization aids parents who have lost a child.

Street Beat: Tomorrow’s ChildStreet Beat: Tomorrow’s Child

Finally, Afrykayn Moon, the founder of Breastfeeding Mothers Unite, and JacDell Chance, a member of B-F-M Unite promotion team, talk about breastfeeding and how to support women who do it.

Street Beat: BreastfeedingStreet Beat: Breastfeeding

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