Haleigh Dever talked with Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham from Middle Class Rut about their current tour on Rockstar Energy’s Uproar Fest.

During the interview when asked about what causes a bad show, Stockham suddenly said “Gerry Shandling.”

Until he talked about Shandling tackling Zack in a chicken suit we weren’t sure if he was joking. “He just crashed the whole show one day. He follows us around and heckles us. I don’t know what it is about our band, but he hates us,” Stockham explained.

Discovering the fan mix of a particular crowd can be an interesting experience. “We’re still in the that area where there’s people that have been listening to us for four years and then the other half of the people are just finding out about us and buying the record,” said Lopez.

Make sure to pick up … er grab a copy of “Pick Up Your Head” Middle Class Rut’s latest album.

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