While most people associate the word ‘cruise’ with having their windows rolled down and foot on the gas pedal, the Sierra Club and city of Ferndale hope to give new meaning to the word with their annual Green Cruise. Unlike the Woodward Dream Cruise, which features thousands of muscle cars and hot rods, the Green Cruise focuses on alternatives to the car by promoting human-powered transportation. Bicycles, scooters, and rollerblades crowded the streets of Ferndale as the community came together to celebrate different forms of clean and ‘green’ transportation. The event featured short and long bike rides, walks, and a green-themed parade. People could also listen to a local band and draw pictures with sidewalk chalk, all while learning about how to live a healthier lifestyle and protect the environment. 

The CW50 Street Team had a great time joining in on the fun and cruising on bikes around Ferndale. Street Team Member Aaron talked with several kids who were enthusiastic about helping keep the environment clean. The kids couldn’t contain their excitement as they talked about how they like to ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’. Jonah Midtgard talked with Aaron about the different ways he helps protect the environment, stating that he “recycles water bottles and other materials we don’t use around the house”.

The Street Team also talked about the Green Cruise with the Mayor of Ferndale, David Coulter. When talking about the city, he stated “This is Ferndale, so this is a community that cares about environmental sustainability”. It was clear Green Cruiser Liz Bayer was also passionate about protecting the environment when she said “I try to recycle whenever I can”.

The CW50 Street Team had a blast learning how to go green at the Green Cruise!


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