The CW50 weekly tradition lives on! This week, we’re back with some of Detroit’s finest, packed with all styles of music…from electronic, to jazz, to classic rock, to hardcore-hip-hop, and right down to the gritty Detroit rock we all love. Find out what “horrorcore” music is all about and perhaps find new music to jam out to!

Check it out!



Phantasmagoria – “Sapphire”
A wave of electronic, psychedelic soul balanced perfectly with positive, upbeat pop vibes, Phantasmagoria is definitely the band you want to have on your playlist for your next party. Always fun, and nothing shy of excitement. Check out their Bandcamp page here!

Ben Sharkey


Ben Sharkey – “Sway”
Ben Sharkey is known for his intimate, heartfelt renditions of the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bobby Darin, along with many others. Recently, he’s released his own album, composed with all of the soul, heart, and jazz he delivered in his imitations. Hear his music here!

The Ragbirds


The Ragbirds – “Six Wheels”
Originally formed out of Ann Arbor, The Ragbirds combine the eclectic sounds of gypsy, middle-Eastern, Americana, rock, and Latin influences, yet their music is still familiar. An all-female group, the band often uses African drum pieces and improvised solos on stage. Check out their website here!

Lightning Love


Lightning Love – “Awkward”
An indie pop/rock trio from Ypsilanti, Lightning Love takes Detroit pop to the next level with sugary-sweet, melodic vocals overlaying corresponding piano and guitar. Check out their Bandcamp here!

Dirty Americans


Dirty Americans – “Strange Generation”
The quintessential gritty Detroit rock band, Dirty Americans have toured the US on the “Tattoo The Earth” tour alongside Slayer. They’ve achieved quite a bit of success overseas in the UK as well, and their song “Car Crash” was featured in the video-game “Gran Turismo 4.” Check out their Facebook page here!

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper – “I’m Eighteen”
Long known as “The Godfather of Shock Rock,” did you know Alice Cooper was actually born as Vincent Damon Fumier in Detroit? Alice Cooper has released over 25 albums, and is still at it! Check out what’s next on his website here!

Grand Funk Railroad


Grand Funk Railroad – “Shinin’ On”
Grand Funk Railroad gets their name from a play on words from the Grand Trunk Railroad that runs through Flint, Michigan – the band’s hometown. Grand Funk Railroad was widely popular in the 1970s and even broke The Beatles’ Shea Stadium attendance record by selling out the stadium in less than 72 hours. Check out their official website here!

Thunderbirds Are Now!


Thunderbirds Are Now! – “Pink Motorcycle Helmet”
Thunderbirds Are Now! combine the best of post-punk, new wave, and noise rock for a cohesive sound that’s easy to groove to. Did you know they got their name from a British television show called “Thunderbirds”? Check out their Facebook page here!

Anita Baker


Anita Baker – “Sweet Love”
Anita Baker grew up in a foster family in Detroit. She’s an alto singer/songwriter and first got her start with the band Chapter 8. Today, she has won a total of eight Grammy Awards, and has had four platinum-selling albums and two gold-selling albums. Hear the song “Sweet Love” here!

Insane Clown Posse


Insane Clown Posse – “My Fun House”
Originally named JJ Boyz, Insane Clown Posse is a hip-hop duo, made up of Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler. They perform in the style of hardcore hip-hop, also known as “horrorcore” because of their elaborate live performances. Check out their website here!

Your favorite Detroit band not listed here? Tell us about them in the comments!


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