Don’t have Twitter? Don’t follow all the CW stars? That’s okay!

We’re combing through the noise to find the most interesting stuff from all of them and serving them up here every Friday.

Here are some of the best CW stars’ Tweets from the past week.

We love this use of the animated gif. Ty Ty is mucho sexy in this big hair lingerie shoot.

“Sex and the City” actress Chloe Bridges (Donna LaDonna) shares a hot throwback pic.

Okay, yeah this one isn’t exactly on-theme, but I’m guessing the ladies will enjoy Shane West playing a cute news photog. – via “Nikita writer-producer Albert Kim

This dress is totes adorbs.

Nikita star Devon Sawa shows off the script cover page of series episode 70. Season 4 will be the final season of the show.

90210 alumn Jessica Lowndes gets a laugh from her crewmates on the 2014 film Eden. Is wifi on the set of a survival-thriller too much to ask?

TVD’s “Bonnie Bennet” wants you to find out what she’s wearing via The hunt is on here.

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