This past weekend, I had the unique experience of going to the Michigan Renaissance Festival media day. It was an unusual view of the festival where most vendors hadn’t set up and most of the travel entertainment weren’t performing. The resident cast including the queen and peasants were present.

The shortened media day included peasant dancing and a shortened live chess scene. These events were confined to a smaller portion of the festival grounds, as the rest of the area was still being prepared for opening day (this Saturday, August 17th!).

At this media day preview, we got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the inner-workings of the Festival. This season, get excited to sit on new benches while watching jousting, and enjoy shops that will have a gleaming, fresh coat of paint. 

Get a sneak peek at the Festival HERE.

The cast is ready, full of energy, and has memorized their lines. Some people have even switched their roles and there are several new additions to the cast. Even with these changes, everyone seemed more than prepared for this coming season.

Several old favorites will be back for the year including jousting, birds of prey, and the mermaids. Between you and me, my favorite part is the jail – you can pay to have your friends “arrested,” and in order for them to get out, they have to sing a song, do a dance…you get the idea.

Don’t miss this year’s Michigan Renaissance Festival, opening this Saturday!

The 2013 Michigan Renaissance Festival is open weekends & Labor Day from August 17 – September 29. Get 52% off tickets now through August 18th on, our sister site.


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