Greg Gogava snagged an interview with 3 Doors Down long-time guitar tech turned band member Chet Roberts. Roberts took over for Matt Roberts after he left the band to address some health issues.

Fans have welcomed Roberts in the band and allowed him to feel at home in his new role. “That really touched my heart,” he humbly admitted.

Often performing more than 300 shows a year, 3 Doors Down is a touring machine. Sporting a large fanbase and their fair share of haters Roberts appreciates fan support on social media when negative comments come out. “They stand up for us and that means a lot to have some fans out there that back you up.”

In Michigan after a stop in Ohio, Roberts voice was a little hoarse from screaming on Cedar Point roller coasters. “We had a blast yesterday.” said Roberts. “I screamed my head off … it was pretty thrilling.” he added.

Speaking of a thrill, Roberts is living the dream being able to perform in front of thousands of fans and he recognizes how special that is. “I’m very happy to be up here. It’s great to be able to rock out in front of a big crowd. It’s something else to be able to live a dream you’ve had for a long time.”

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