(Credit: CWTV)

(Credit: CWTV)

As a student in college majoring in Film, Video, and Media Studies “history” is just one subject that I have absolutely no interest in. When I first heard the general overview of the new original TV series Reign being about a 1557 Queen of Scouts, I immediately said that I was not interested in watching it. But after watching the promo for it there was just something about it that made me wonder what was to come in the pilot episode.

All hail the queen of! Reign reveals the journey of Mary, Queen of Scotland, as she tries to unite an alliance and someday become a great ruler. She’s known as a queen in her own right since she was only 6 days old. Wow, already I was impressed because it is rare for a girl to become a Queen while only an infant. I admire watching shows with action, and as I watched the pilot episode I was on my toes waiting for what was to come next. Within the first five minutes there was an attempted assassination attack upon Marry. Later than, she’s forced to move into the royal castle in France to be alongside of her arranged Husband. Little does Marry know she’s really moving into a disaster situation!

With a future stuck-up and evil mother-in-law from hell, a no good father-in-law, and fiancé who finds no interest in marrying her it’s surely one sticky situation that I wouldn’t want to be in. Mary is expected to marry Prince Frances, but just like any other young man the idea of settling down is not very idea and I don’t blame him. As an 18 year-old female I understand the thought of not wanting to be tied down at such a young age. We want to live young, free, and be available to explore.

Besides the evil mother-in-law out to ruin her potential marriage and a resenting fiancé Mary is still living every girls dream. Staying in a huge castle with four friends by her side needed to help her stay sane and a staff full of maids waiting on her hand and foot; she is surely living the life. The closes that I’ve ever come to feeling like royalty was having a spa day getting a manicure and pedicure, but I can only image the star treatment that she receives. Along with having four friends to protect her is a mysterious ghost girl who is believed to have a destroyed face so I cannot wait until she reveals her identity. Until then I can only imagine what she looks like.

If I continue with this review I’ll only be telling you the entire pilot episode so I won’t spoil the surprise. Just make sure to tune into the CW50 this fall on Thursday’s at 9 p.m. sharp to catch the entire new original series Reign!


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