Greg Gogava with “My Show Now” caught up with Robert Trujillo, bassist for Metallica, about Orion Fest, international touring trouble and more.

On the recent honor of a lifetime achievement award from the Revolver Magazine’s Golden Gods awards. “We were privileged to share the stage with so many great performers and a lot of legends like Lemmy and Rob Helford were there just to name a couple,” said Trujillo.

What is on the minds of Metallica with an upcoming tour heading to China for the first time.

In Guatemala, they didn’t really know how to contain and control our audience. So everybody out there was dressed in full armor, battle armor like RoboCop.

Sometimes the energy level gets so high people get so fired up that the local authorities don’t know how to contain it.

Getting back to China, Trujillo isn’t concerned with security there and he’s excited to take on the new adventure. “Religion, politics, all that stuff, that’s for the individual. We’re here to hopefully make people feel good and have a great time.”

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