Was Hillary Scott’s baby unexpected? As you know, Lady Antebellum is opening up at Freedom Hill in June. That might be the only concert they keep, because the rest of the summer they’re calling off most of their dates.

Taylor Swift seems to be driving a wedge between Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction. She let him fly on her private jet while the rest of the band flew commercial. In an effort to smooth things over, she tagged along in their tour bus for 18 hours or so when they got back to England. Doesn’t matter since she’ll be broken up with Stiles soon and writing songs about it anyway.

Chris Young is one of the best dressed guys in country music — and now we know why, because he lets the women in his life make all of his fashion decisions. We’re not talking about his mom, everybody short of his band and his crew are female.

If I let the women in charge of this show dictate my wardrobe. Let’s just say you’d see brown paper over my face and it’d say Kroger on it.

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