DETROIT (CW 50) Channeling the success of “Arrow,” CW is reportedly in talks to produce another TV series based on a popular DC Comics character — this time featuring a version of Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman-themed show titled “Amazon” is in the process of casting, though a pilot episode has not yet been ordered.

Reports say the show will focus on Wonder Woman’s early years, with an  unusual back story. The heroine of  “Amazon” will witness brutality as a child growing up in a remote country, come to the United States, and learn to live as a “fierce warrior with a generous heart.”

This is your chance, CW fans: Who should play Wonder Woman?  Let the sky be the limit — think Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Eliza Dashku, Emma Watson, Solange Knowles — or an unknown? Vote and add your own picks in comments below!


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