Tyra Banks, the creator and host of “America’s Next Top Model,” is a staple to fans of The CW and one of the more popular topics to visitors of CW50Detroit.com.

She is a mogul in the fashion and entertainment worlds and we’ve found lots of interesting facts to back that up. Check out our homage to all things Tyra Banks in our Tyra Banks By The Numbers gallery.

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Just The Facts

3 – Banks invents words. Here are three that have been generally accepted. “Tooch” – That thing where you arch your back and stick out your butt. “Smize” – Smiling with your eyes. “Flawsome” – Not being ashamed of your flaws.

$1.99 – iPhone and iPad users can warp their faces to look more fierce with Banks’ Smize Yourself! app for $1.99.

90 – According to celebritynetworth.com Tyra Banks is worth 90 million bucks.

7,577,890 – At the time of writing, the number of followers @tyrabanks has on Twitter.

877 – The number of people Banks follows on Twitter. A couple worth noting include @TroyAikman @IAmSteveHarvey and @KateUpton.

3168 – The number of tweets Banks has sent. She loves to share photos. We can’t hate her for that.

20 – ANTM is currently casting cycle 20. This version of the show will feature male models for the first time ever.

1997 – The year that Banks was featured on Sports Illustrated coveted swimsuit issue.

70 – How tall Banks is in inches.

6 – Banks’ dress size.

9 – Banks’ shoe size.

7 – Banks played Jackie Ames, Will’s girlfriend in 7 episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

17 – The movie “Higher Learning” was ranked 17th amongst highest grossing R-rated movies in 1995. It was also Banks first feature film acting role.

25 – During Banks first week of the European modeling season she recieved 25 bookings at Paris Fashion Week in 1991.

810 – Number of episodes “The Tyra Banks Show” taped before calling it quits.

2 – Number of Daytime Emmy awards she won for her talk show.

2,732,161 – As of writing this article, the number of likes Tyra Banks’ Facebook page has.

$7,000,000 – The budget for “Life-Size” the 2000 film she starred in alongside Lindsay Lohan. She’s set to star in and executive produce the sequel.

$33,000 – The cost of one of the three sessions Banks took to get her diploma from the Harvard University’s Executive Education Owner/President Manager Program.

576 – Modelland, Banks’ first book of a proposed young adult novel trilogy, has 576 pages.


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