This week on Street Beat, Host Ken Bryant and guests are talking about babies … and how the littlest members of our society are at risk.

First, Michael Foley, the Executive Director of Children’s Trust Fund, and Dr. Dena Nazer, Chief of the Child Protection Team at Children’s Hospital Of Michigan, discuss Shaken Baby Syndrome and what can be done to prevent it.

Then, Samantha and Jerry Bowles who adopted a child with Shaken Baby Syndrome talk about the issues raising a child with this condition.

Next, Dr. KimberlyDawn Wisdom stops by to tell the audience about the Detroit Regional Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force she chairs and how a program called “Sew Up the Safety Net” is reducing the infant mortality rate in Detroit.

Street Beat: Infant Mortality Seg 1WATCH Street Beat: Infant Mortality Seg 1

Tune in to Street Beat Sundays at 11 a.m. on CW50.

Archived video is always available at

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