[Spoilers from episode 6 below]

Whether you’re a Delena or Stelena fan will ultimately determine how much you liked the end of last night’s episode. There was a big movement in the love triangle saga. But for some reason, Stelena fans aren’t as vocal as the Damon lovers (maybe there aren’t as many?) — so I guess this uproar may be a delightful one. Let’s get right to it. Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Professor Shane, who are you? He arrives at the high school for an exhibit on mythology and witches. He seems to know everything, and when he gives a speech about an immortal man, there was a slight glimmer in his eye — like he may be him. It’s too soon to know for sure, but something’s not right with the Professor. Even Matt is skeptical. Apparently when April’s dad, the pastor, died, he made a bunch of phone calls to Professor Shane. What do we know about Professor Shane? He’s smart, loves magic above all else (he told Bonnie so) and he dabbles in hypnosis.

The Great: Klaus gets played. Twice. First, he locks Elena in his house, putting her on suicide watch. Since she killed one of The Five vampire hunters, she’ll be tormented by hallucinations until she takes her life. Klaus knows this since he’s killed all of The Five some thousand years ago. Hybrids can’t die so easily, so he spent over fifty years plagued by hallucinations until they vanished.

Bonnie learns from the knower of all mythical things, Professor Shane, that in order to stop the hallucinations, the next future hunter must rise up. Good thing for them, they already know that Jeremy is destined to be one since the hunter marks started forming on his hand. But while Klaus is being distracted by Caroline at the Mystic Grill, Stefan tries to steal Elena out of the Klaus’ house. Her bodyguard, a hybrid, has broken his sire-bond to Klaus and lets Stefan inside. Elena escapes Stefan’s arms, attacks him and runs away.

Not only has Klaus lost Elena, being duped by Caroline in the process, but Hayley, Tyler and Caroline have been tricking him into thinking they’re in a love triangle. By the quick looks Hayley keeps giving Tyler, I think she’s starting to believe her own lie. And Tyler came up short in the whole bargain. Because Jeremy needs a vampire to kill in order to stop Elena’s hallucinations and become one of The Five, Klaus offers his not-so-sired hybrid as a sacrifice, but Caroline must go on a date with Klaus in return. Tyler throws a glass at the wall when he finds out, so it’s safe to assume that he’s not too happy about it.

Were you surprised that Jeremy was so willing to take an ax to the hybrid’s head? All for the sake of his sister, right? Maybe I expected a little hesitance at having to kill something. If I recall, Jeremy has never really killed before. Seems like a big step for such a young boy.

The Brilliant: Since it encompassed the majority of the episode (don’t hate me Stelena fans!), Stefan breaks up with Elena. Yes, things have certainly shifted in Mystic Falls. While Elena is hallucinating, Stefan’s presence doesn’t seem to help so he asks Damon to interject. Elena stands on the bridge where she was supposed to die, and her mother’s apparition cajoles her to toss her daylight ring in the water. When Damon arrives, the sun starts to creep up, and he jumps in the river with Elena. He saves her, and she comes to the conclusion that her feelings for him — post-vampire stage — have magnified.

On the porch steps, Stefan says he can’t do this anymore. He says he pushed her to be with Damon when he was a Ripper, but now, there’s no excuse, and he can’t just stand by. So things have been broken. Ended. Done. Are you happy? I have to say, I was all for Stefan and Elena when she was an angelic human. But as a vampire, I think she fits ten times better with Damon. She’s just a different person, and a new chapter in her life has opened.

Stay tuned for all new episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” and a Klaroline heavy episode — one that I’ve been counting down for in gleeful anticipation.


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