DC Entertainment presents “Con Away From Con” 5.2 Questions with “Arrow” star Stephen Amell at the NY Comic Con.

Amell says he’s being re-introduced to comics and he’s really enjoying it.

There’s no doubt that “Arrow” is full of action sequences and that’s a major draw for the show, but the episodes are focusing on characters and their development.

“We showed a reel at our panel that was two and a half minutes long and we have China White, we have Deadshot, we have Deathstroke, we have The Huntress we have a character that I can’t talk about at all. he’s not at liberty to talk about.”

“But most importantly, I think we’re serving the story well in terms of seeing what Oliver’s dealing with and what he’s going through.”

Stay tuned to “Arrow” Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CW50 in Detroit.


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