With the launch of the new show “Arrow” on The CW, Stephen Amell is aiming to hit the bullseye with comic book nerds and regular TV fans alike. Learn more about Amell with our “by the numbers” photo gallery.

14,582 – The number of followers @amellywood has on Twitter.

4,890 – The number of likes Amell has on Facebook.

73 – Amell appeared in the “CSI” episode “73 Seconds” in season 12.

6 – Amell was featured in 6 episodes as Nick Harwell in “Heartland” (2007 – 2012).

13 – Amell appeared in episode 13 of “Flashpoint” season 2. (credit: 2012 The CW Network)

1981 – The year Amell was born.

2007 – The year Amell won a Gemini Award for best performance in a guest role in the dramatic series “ReGenesis.”

10 – The day of October when Arrow premieres on The CW.

8 – While writing this post, Amell tweeted that he’s working on episode 8 of “Arrow.”

90 – Amell was ranked 90th on the list of 100 sexiest men on TV in 2011.

90210 – Amell guest appeared in seasons 4 & 5 of “90210.”

22 – Amell has guest appeared on 22 shows including his first TV gig as the Spinning Instructor on “Queer as Folk.”

4 – Amell has appeared in 3 theater releases and one straight to video film called “Screamers: The Hunting.”

10 – Amell appeared in ten episodes of “Hung” as Jason, a male prostitute.

83 – Amell is a huge sports fan, especially hockey. ‘83 Seconds where the Los Angeles Kings Win the Stanley Cup’ is one of his YouTube videos.

Detroiters can aim for Wednesdays at 8 p.m. to see “Arrow” on CW50. 


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