By Janus Ajax

Return to a simpler time – the Michigan Renaissance festival is back for another glorious year. It opened to rather spectacular weather on Saturday August 18th. Ren Fest, as the festival is affectionately shortened to, is a great place to have fun at any age. Each weekend has its own theme, and opening weekend was the Royal Pet and Ale Festival.

Dressing up for Ren Fest isn’t required but it certainly makes it a lot more fun. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up as anything you want. Several people chose to wear outfits appropriate to the theme or era but many others wear something fun.  Sometimes you can even spot a dog dressed to match.

Ren Fest is always bringing in new activities and continuing old favorites. The cast does a spectacular job of immersing visitors in the experience. You never quite know what could be around the next corner be it jousting, fire breathing or a comedy routine. There are plenty of activities and shows as part of the festival. You can even make your friends the entertainment by throwing them in jail or join in on a comedy routine. There is nothing quite like fun spirited public humiliation to make the entire experience memorable. There are also several directed events so that children can have fun, wine tasting for adults, and a plethora of activities for everyone in between.

dscf7603 e1345486004369 Michigan Renaissance Festival Kicks Off With Royal Pet And Ale Fest

Besides the activities there are plenty of shops that can spark your interest. The vendors at the Renaissance Festival sell specialty items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Be it swords or fairy dust you’ll be able to find it at Ren Fest. The Michigan Renaissance Festival is open weekends and Labor Day august 18th through September 30th plus Friday, September 14th 10am-7pm — rain or shine!

Remember to enter our contest online to win a whimsical wedding at the Renaissance Festival in 2013. Tell us why you want a whimsical wedding by September 2nd for a chance to win.

Opening Day At Michigan Renaissance Festival
Michigan Renaissance Festival Fairy Houses

Also come out to our Let’s Make a Deal casting call on September 14th.

Janus Ajax is one of the CBS 62, CW50 interns.  I like food, movies, and not wearing shoes. Follow me on twitter @JanusAjax or find me on tumblr at and please find merriment in the rest of your day.


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