Get Your ‘Soft Kitty’ Fix Courtesy Of The Big Bang Theory On CW50

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Soft Kitty

(credit: lecookiemonster | tumblr)

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Do you ever get the song “Soft Kitty” stuck in your head?

Listen to the .MP3. Maybe singing it aloud will help.

When Sheldon got sick as a kid, his mom would sing the song to him.

Here are the lyrics. Okay, go!

Soft Kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr purr purr.

If you can’t get enough — pick up a Soft Kitty plush from the store!

We’ve been told the Soft Kitty plush will make you fall in love with blonde girl across the hall who will forever keep you in the friend zone.

Watch The Big Bang Theory weekdays at 7 and 10 p.m. on CW50 Detroit.

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