By Price Burton

With last night’s conclusion of the NFL’s top ten list — my predictions were fairly accurate. I correctly picked four out of the ten in the exact spots they were slotted. Most importantly Calvin Johnson proved to only be off 1 slot, as he was chosen number 3 by the players, I had Calvin going in at 2. It shows that he is no longer respected across the NFL but is held in awe. To be voted that high as a wide receiver is simply incredible, in the first two years he is the highest ranked receiver on the list. In 2011 Andre Johnson checked in at number 7 and is the only other player at that position that has cracked the top 10.

Like last year the top 2 slots were Quarterbacks, but unlike last year there were two completely different players that were chosen from that position. Last Year Tom Brady was chosen by the players as the best player in the game, Peyton Manning was chosen as the games runner-up. This year it was two completely different players. Aaron Rodgers was voted by his peers as the game’s best, while Drew Brees was runner-up. There great players and deserving of the recognition that they get. It’s hard to say that either one is better than the other, there both great players who have won championships for their respective teams. If you asked me for a quarterback to win a championship with though, I would say it would be a coin-flip who I was going to pick.

Besides those two the biggest surprise of the Top 10 had to be Megatron being voted in front of Tom Brady. That in itself is a great accomplishment and even though I predicted it to happen, the fact that it actually happened was still very surprising. That goes to show how highly he is regarded amongst his peers in the league. With Matthew Stafford at the helm, look for him to continue to put monster numbers up for the next decade and break every major record in the history of the league for the receiver position.

Official Top 10 My Picks
1.) Aaron Rodgers 1.) Drew Brees
2.) Drew Brees 2.) Calvin Johnson
3.) Calvin Johnson 3.) Aaron Rodgers
4.) Tom Brady 4.) Tom Brady
5.) Darrelle Revis 5.) Darrelle Revis
6.) Demarcus Ware 6.) Demarcus Ware
7.) Larry Fitzgerald 7.) Patrick Willis
8.) Adrian Peterson 8.) Adrian Peterson
9.) Haloti Ngata 9.) Larry Fitzgerald
10.) Patrick Willis 10.) Haloti Ngata


As you can see with my predictions I correctly guessed 4 out of 10, a number of the predictions that I guessed wrong were close enough that it showed I had a clear understanding of how the players were going to vote. 10-6 is where most of the top defensive players got picked, and you figured in the top 5 all three quarterbacks were going to go. That meant that at least 1 non quarterback who was an offensive player was going to get picked, and then another defensive player would get picked up as well. The format of how I thought that the players were going to get picked was the right thought process. Now how they actually got picked wasn’t exactly how I had anticipated, that’s the fun part though. Predicting how you actually think it’s going to end up and then how it actually ends up is always entertaining.

The biggest thing was that Calvin ended up in the top 5, that’s huge for both him and the Lions organization. We all should be grateful and not take for granted that Megatron is a lion. It’s truly a blessing to have a player of his caliber both on and off the field representing the Southeastern Michigan Community. Not only that but the fact that he is a future Hall of Famer. To be voted top 3 in the league is a great accomplishment, maybe next year he can be number 1. You never know, with the great season he had this past year and the continued development between him and Matthew Stafford, the sky is the limit!

Price Burton is currently a student at Northern Michigan University and will graduate in December with a degree in Media Production and New Technology with a minor in Marketing. Burton is currently an intern at CBS 62/ CW50. Burton played football at NMU until a career ending knee injury in the fall 2011 season. Connect with Price on his Facebook page or leave a comment below.


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