By Janus Ajax

Local food eateries have some of the cutest themes. The Lunch Box in Belleville is one such place. They serve American food in a classic diner setting. They’ve decorated the inside with several metal lunchboxes ranging from vintage Peanuts to Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Their menu consists of hamburgers, sandwiches, milkshakes, coneys and more. No theme restaurant would be complete without a sandwich they challenge you to eat.

This diner, like many others, has created a monster of a sandwich — that is obscenely large and can’t be eaten like a normal sandwich. They call it “The Whole Damn Thing” — and it’s free … if you can finish it. The diner posts the pictures of those who have finished the sandwich along with the time it took them to eat the sandwich. The average time taken to eat “The Whole Damn Thing” was about twenty minutes. Now, not all the food at The Lunch Box is like this.

I was surprised at the quality of my food. Often at diners I can feel my arteries clogging as I eat their greasy food. The food at The Lunch Box was clean and well made. The ingredients tasted fresh and were proportioned well. Their milkshakes were also rich and creamy, the way they should be.

lunch boxes1 Lunch Box In Belleville Puts A Vintage Twist On Quality Diner Fare

Two of my childhood favorites (credit: Janus Ajax / CW50)

Overall I liked The Lunch Box. The restaurant itself was also very clean and cute. The prices were reasonable and the staff was friendly, but a little distracted. This little diner is definitely worth your time if you ever find yourself traveling through Belleville.

Janus Ajax is one of the CBS 62, CW50 interns.  I like food, movies and not wearing shoes. Follow me on twitter @JanusAjax or find me on tumblr at and please enjoy the rest of your day.


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